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"Keep steady my steps according to your promise, and let no iniquity get dominion over me."
 - Psalm 119: 133

steady  /ˈstedē(adj.) 
1. firmly fixed, supported, or balanced
2. continuous in development
3. sensible, reliable, self-restrained

A few days ago my sister called to tell me about a situation where she lacked flexibility and was instead fixated on how her need of control overtook her-- except in reality this event was 10/10 out of her hands. She just needed to ride it out. In an afterthought, she realized her lack of flexibility led to mental chaos, anxiety, and frustration. When a situation has the ability to affect your entire day and mood you are no longer in control-- it's the outcomes that really control you. Hence her word of the year is FLEXIBLE because she would like to bend without breaking when life happens, "the cookies burn, and the sprinkles fall on the floor".

All of this to say that this conversation got me thinking about how I wanted to define my year-- or better yet, how I'd like to be described by the end of this new year. I did a #wordoftheyear in 2016 too. My word was RESOLVE; and it was a year that fully embodied that word as I learned and intentionally practiced what it looked like to choose and follow through on things. And so this year in an effort to grow more spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, I landed on the word STEADY after being affirmed three times. Yes, three. Below are those three affirmations in some detail...

1. An Advent Devotional
I have been reading through the Advent Devotional "The Greatest Gifts: UNWRAPPING THE FULL LOVE STORY OF CHRISTMAS" by Ann Voskamp (highly recommended, btw) and there's certain attributes I feel each time I open up the book. Grace, slowness, tranquility... and a complete peace. Ultimately, this comes from the LORD; however, I'd like to become a person that diffuses this same effect. 

2. My sister. It's simple. She liked the word because of it's versatility, as do I. 
I want to offer a steadiness of comfort to those around me; I want to remain steady in life's unexpected moments; I want to lean into the steady hand of God; and I want to move through life in a steady manner, always being fully present and aware of what's happening around me. 

3. A total stranger's vehicle + the Needtobreathe song, "Keep Your Eyes Open". 
As I was driving and thinking about this season's hustle (don't try to go out to Target on Christmas Eve's Eve), I was praying that God would humble me and allow me to experience the fullness of Christmas without having expectations of material things-- and naturally this song was playing in the background. I began humming along and looked up to see the vehicle in front of me with the license plate that read, "STEADY".
So I think it's pretty clear that STEADY is the word for me this year. Come, hold me accountable; pick a word; and link up with us and let's make 2017 (fill in the blank) ___________ together. 
  • What's your word of the year? 
  • Have you done a Word of the Year before? 

"Easy come, easy go, but steady diligence pays off." - Proverbs 13:11 (the MSG) 
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  1. Aud,

    I really like your Word of the Year. it is so true that it is a word that can take on a lot of meanings as you go throughout the year. I can't wait to see how the word evolves for you and how you are transformed by trying to keep it central in your life. I love you so much and I am really glad you decided to link-up.

    You're the best gift in the world. Love you sissy.


  2. I love how you chose your word this year and it's a fantastic word. I look forward to reading how you focus and grow with your word in the coming year. So happy to connect with you from the link up! :)

  3. Steady is an awesome word. And I love how it came into your life, it's so cool when words just do that. Last year my word was Rise and in the weeks leading up to the new year it popped up everywhere! This year I'm doing things a little differently. I made a list of 52 words and will be choosing one to focus on each week.


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